Unofficial CMP Definitions

CMP members express and talk about their activities with certain phrases, words and acronyms within the CMP Forum.

These phrases, words and acronyms usually seem foreign to the new member when they run across them. But once known really help speed up one’s posting and reading. Some are very practical, others are just fun.

If you don’t find it below, it maybe cause it’s a more common one. For more common ones, those commonly used through out the WWW, again, we aren’t trying to cover them.  A great reference for the more common ones is this site:

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The Table:

BR Barreled Receiver. No trigger assembly, no bolt, sights, no stock, nothing but a receiver with a barrel.
BT Battle Tested
BTT Back To Top, to “Bump” a thread to make it show at the top of the listing of threads so that others that didn’t see it may see it.
BWT Big White Truck, the FedEx delivery truck bring the CMP goodies to your house.
CS Customer Service , CMP’s Customer Service.
DBU “Don’t Bother Us”. Unofficial slang given to the email one receives from the CMP once the order has been received from the stack of mail. Basically / jokingly meaning… “your order has been received, it will be coming, don’t ask for a step by step or day by day update on the progress of your order”. Those that have gone through the process once, know that order confirmation email does not say “Don’t Bother Us” . We just know to be patient. But we all know the CMP customer service is first rate, and if one has a real concern about their order, one should email Customer Service (CS). If it seems your order is taking longer than it should, post on the CMP forum and ask others how long their recent orders have taken, if your order lead time is still within that window, be patient. If yours is well outside that window, email CMP’s CS.
FG Field Grade, CMP grading of a rifle, mid grade.
GCA Garand Collectors Association. .  Join or renew online now !  The GCA online Store.
HRA Harrington & Richardson Arms, an OEM of m1 garand rifles.
IHC International Harvester Corporation (Tractor Gun) – an OEM of M1 Garands
LNIB Like New In Box
NIB New In Box
NPM National Postal Meter, an OEM of M1 Carbines.
NOS New Old Stock
NS CMP’s North Store in Ohio, as apposed to the “South Store” , which is the CMP store in Anniston, Alabama.
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer; as in “Ford” “Chevy” “Dodge”. Top tier manufacturer of the final product.
OP Original Poster (or starter of the thread)
PM Private Message
OOS out of stock.
QH Quality Hardware , an OEM of a M1 carbine.
RG or Racker Rack Grade, CMP lowest grade of a working, shooting rifle.
SA Springfield Armory, US Gov’t Armory, made many items and rifles most notable the M1 Garand.
SG Service Grade , CMP rating of a rifle, highest grade of a shooter, before you get into the Special and Collector grades.
SS CMP’s South Store, in Anniston, Alabama, as apposed to the CMP’s “North Store” in Ohio.
SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed. Nuff said…but, if your married, you get it.
USPS United Postal service, AKA Snail Mail.
Winnie Winchester, AKA WRA,  an OEM of M1 garands and carbines.
WRA Winchester Repeating Arms, an OEM of M1 garands and carbines.

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